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Tips for making the most out of your small kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, but, when you are limited on space, it can feel like a place you can't fully enjoy. If you have a small kitchen, this article offers some tips and advice for making the most out of the space you have and creating a kitchen you can fall in love with.

Use all of your wall space

The elusive gap above the cabinets is the first thing that needs to go in the quest for space. Often laden with dust and manuals for appliances, this is likely the most underutilised area in your kitchen. There are two ways to deal with this. The first is to use it as storage space for some of the items you don't need frequently but want access to, such as appliances or even sealed products you've brought in bulk. The second option is to move your cabinets up so they are flush with the ceiling. Not only will this let you use that space, but it'll free up more wall space below – double win.

Keep your counter space clear

Your counter space will be the area of the kitchen you need to be clear and free to prepare meals, dish up and place your shopping bags after a trip so making that as easy as possible is essential. As well as that, having cluttered and unorganised counter spaces can make your kitchen look smaller, as you limit the amount of useable room. To stop this, try and keep everything stored away in cupboards and drawers and only leave out appliances that you use frequently.

Be clever with your storage

That takes us on to our next point, making sure you are clever with your storage. It's all well and good making sure items aren't left on your countertops but if they are badly stored in your cabinets, sooner or later you'll find yourself leaving items out as it's just too much effort to put them back. There are plenty of tricks and tips you can use, from adding a lazy Susan so you can easily rotate everything in your cupboard to adding more shelves letting you store more.

Utilise natural light

Natural light can make or break a space and so, if it's available to you, getting as much natural light into your kitchen as possible is a must. This can open the space up by illuminating every corner of it. Do this by making sure the windows and light sources aren't blocked, and if you don't have natural light, look for ways to bring in artificial light.

Use light décor

Just as bringing in natural light can make a small room feel bigger, making use of light colours in your décor can do the same. With overhanging cabinets and appliances on countertops, it's easy for corners of your kitchen to start feeling dark and dingy and so, by adding a fresh white base layer you'll be able to bring some more light to those areas. With that, you can then add pops of colour to bring focus to the areas you want the eye to be drawn to.

Tips for making the most out of a small kitchen

  • Use all of your wall space
  • Keep your counter space clear
  • Be clever with your storage
  • Utilise natural light
  • Use light décor

If you need some inspiration for your kitchen, our kitchen showrooms in Devon can help you visualise your dream kitchen before it's even made. Plus, our helpful advisors are always on hand to offer their advice and guidance.

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